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The 80s Server

If you were worried the 80s was dead, try this site. Games, trivia, chat room, 80s merchandise, and those tacky 80s sayings like "awesome" and "tubular".

Electric Dreams-80s Club in London!WOW! "TO BE in London, in the summer time, with my love...close to the edge." That was my creedo in 1984, thanks to Art of Noise. I don't know an American New Waver that didn't want to go to London and club. Here's your chance. IF planning a trip to London, or just want to see the New Wave/Romantic scene resurfacing.....head over.

More 80s stuff, including more band links, and movie info from the 80s.

The Valleygirl Translator
Like, fer shewr, this is like the best way to get your favorite site translated to that bitchin' language of ValleyGirl!! Like just type in your fav URL, and voila! Oh my gawd, you've gotta like, try it.


Are you stuck in the 80s too? Here's the site to help you ground and return to that time. Music, TV, Lyrics, and other 80s children info. You too can become officially stuck in the 80s. Formerly ChuckieG's 80s Page.

80s Music STOP!!

Cool midis of your favorite 80s tunes. Stop by and download your favorites.

New Wave Internet Radio
For all you RealPlayer G2 users out there, this is a rockin' site with about 60 minutes of your favorite New Wave tunes off of hard to find vinyl. Yup, the DJ here really used a record player to mix. Remember those...records?

The 80s Server Message Board..The Forum!

This is the 80s place to be when it comes to boards...also the local hang out for yours truely. The best 80s Family on the net, with info on everything 80s related.

By the way, many of the regular 80ites switched and started a Rogue Board in protest in posts now only being allowed to be 80s-only related at the 80s server.
Here's the link: The Rogue Board

Band-Aid/Live-Aid..."FEED the World, HAHAHAHA. I can't get the laugh right Bob?"

Thought that Band-Aid disappeared after the summer concert of Live-Aid? Well, thanks to the internet, that historical 80s music feat lives!!

Link to the Live Aid logo to find out about the concert, Band-Aid info, and info on the bands that were involved.

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