Tiffmeister's 80s Music Connection

A Home for info for 80s children keeping the decade alive!

Welcome back to the 80s!

Celebrating 15 years of bringing back the 80s!

First launched in 1997!

Link to information to bring you back or take you there!

From a virtual club based on the alternative club I worked at in the 80s, to an 80s radio station, links to 80s bands, to anything else that I can think of to bring the 80s New Wave scene back.

And listen to your favorite love songs on the 80s Connections Live365 Station

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I've written two children's fantasy books. The first is The Lost Secret of Fairies and is available on Amazon .com.

Book 2 is available on Amazon, entitled THE LOST SECRET OF THE GREENMAN.

THE LOST SECRET OF DRAGONFIRE(Book 3) will be available Jan. 2013. There will be an 80s connection in the third book. I can't reveal it yet. It's a surprise. Happy 80s New Wave!

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