One Step Beyond--The Virtual 80s Club!

Finally, you're inside OSB!

Glad the line wasn't too long. And that it wasn't raining. Now, what to do.

History of One Step Beyond

Welcome to the world of OSB, a real club that exsisted in the 80s. In 1997, this virtual club was created in tribute to the former 80s club I worked at as coatcheck/cashier. People that used to hang out there as regulars were called One Steppers. I have heard from many people that used to hang out and work there now, remembering the underground days of the 80s, where black was cool and trying to find your look involved thrift stores, black nail polish, and vintage clothing stores. Proud to say that Richie Rich, former co-owner of "Heatherette" the New York Design team, shared the clubbing atmosphere at OSB as a One Stepper. If you're a One Stepper, head to the OSB Facebook Page. Stan, the real owner of the physical club, back in the day, heads it. It's a great way to reconnect with everyone.