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Live Pics of 80s Bands-**New Berlin Live Pics! Plus, Duran Duran , DEAD OR ALIVE and THE BANGLES

There is something very special now that was harder to do or impossible for fans to achieve in the 80s-taking pics at live shows and then publishing it to the world. So, after experiencing enough live shows of 80s bands, I realized the amount of cameras being brought in and not taken by secruity guards. Then, of course, there are disposable cameras that if taken, big deal, out 7-8 bucks. Maybe that is why they aren't trying as hard.

Put all these factors together and the amount of day time, outdoor shows, and you've got a formula for a most excellent opportunity for live shots. So I've ventured to several shows to bring you recent concert shots of 80s Bands!

Over the last few summers, I've taken pictures with disposable cameras, Digital, and APS cameras at festivals where some of the greatest 80s bands played. Most of these bands are trying to make comebacks. I'm trying in my own way to help them by bringing you what their live shows look like now.
Anyway, enjoy the concert photos. Any useage of my live concert pics must be given permission from myself, plus a link back to my site. I support fan useage, but would like the recognition. (Besides the fact I had to do the waiting around, getting sunburned in several cases, and cropping, fighting with server, looking for parking for hours..etc.
But then, I am here to serve your 80s Music needs. ;-)-THE Tiffmeister)

Duran Duran-Live Sept. 21st, 2003
--from Golden Gate Park--San Francisco, CA

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DEAD OR ALIVE-Live Shots from June 30th, 2002!
Downtown San Francisco

-June 21, 2004 Golden Gate Park
San Francisco, CA

Bangles-Live Shots from July 3rd, 2001! Downtown San Jose

The Psycho Furs-Live pics from March 16, 2004 show
in San Francisco, CA

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