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Welcome to my Forum.
Where you can have a say in things as much as me.
I've created a site that hopefully you'll find something that we both have in common.
New things are added/updated every week. So if you're back from before, check them out.

Also available is my new book called
The Crystal Keeper Chronicles Book 1.
You can view info and/or purchase your copy at

My jewelry designs are branching out onto the web. I've been designing crystal jewelry for 10 years now, selling at local boutiques.
Now, I've sold to customers on the East Coast and England, and I'm willing to add more. Heah, got to keep that Board of Equalization Number by selling. Why not on the web?

Roam my web universe (OVER 5 websites) using my side bar. Enjoy!

Awards that deem this site worthy!

Member of the Tiffany Website! Tiffany's of the World UNITE!

And the buck doesn't stop there....


Thank you to: Guestbook by Lpagefor sponsoring my guestbook.

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