Tiffmeister's 80s Music Connection Trivia Quiz

80s Videos Quiz!!

So, you think you're an 80s child?

Take this quick and to the point quiz to see if you got the stuff down from the 80s. Music genre quized: NEW WAVE and 2nd Brit invasion.

How well did you know your videos in the 80s?

Try to figure what the elusive item, band, setting, or other trivia related item was in a certain video back in the 80s. These are tuffys folks. I took the questions from about 6 hours of New Wave videos taped from 83-85. So this is going to be a challenging for you 80ites. GOOD LUCK!

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In the Violent Femmes video "Gone Daddy Gone", what color was the liquid that the girl drank in her bathroom?

Purple Red Green Orange Black

Who starred in an early Bangles video for the song "Going Down to Liverpool". HINT: He was driving the band.

Robert Smith Johnny Carson Billy Idol Jimmy Carter Leonard Nemoy

What is the setting for espinoage involving Duran Duran in the video "View to a Kill".

Tower of London Eiffel Tower Notre Dame Roman Colliseum Victoria Station

In the video "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?", each member has something written on their coffee cups at the end. What does Boy George's say?

Wassup! Super Puff Marvin Boy George

IN the Duran Duran video "New Moon on Monday", the Fab Five are helping out with covert WWII operations. What country does it take place?

England Ireland France Poland