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Last update: Dec. 18, 2005

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BERLIN releases Album called "4Play"

Berlin's new album is available and out. Special autographed copies by Terri Nun can be ordered through their website. As you can see, it's fabulous to have the newest album signed by the artist. Most bands don't do this.
For more info on Berlin!

Leading the getting back together news...

Gets better. MEN WITHOUT HATS have just put out their first album in 10 years. It is a new blend of past and present synth-pop that we've come to love in the 80s. New album is entitled "No Hats Beyond This Point". More info at their official website.

80s News Tidbits to Digest

  • HOWARD JONES has a new album and will tour selected dates in the US. More info on tour dates is found at his OFFICIAL WEBSITE.
  • FLOCK OF SEAGULLS off to tour in Feb. 2006. For dates, try my Live Tour Dates Page.
  • DURAN DURAN has their own 2006 calendar available for purchase on their website. Start the New Year with all of the Original Fab Five.
  • SIMPLE MINDS released a new album in Sept. called Black and White. A new single is due out from them in Jan. 2006 called STRANGER. Info and order info at their website. They are planning a tour in 2006. UK and Europe dates have been announced, but no North American dates yet.
  • MARC ALMOND-of Soft Cell-has a new album to be released in 2006. Tour in the works too. More info at his website.
  • ALPHAVILLE has an album planned to come out in 2006! Info at website.

    Totally Rare 80s Dance Mix CD-Discovered

    I found the ultimate 80s collection. Forget the "Pure 80s" and Life 80s collection. If you really want to know it was like in the clubs in the 80s, I have found a mix for Modern Rock dance mixes by the local DJ that helped invite the whole dance alternative format in the Bay Area. Steve Masters, which if you were in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 80s, put out a dance mix CD that includes: Alphaville-FOREVER YOUNG, When in Rome-THE PROMISE, Dominatrix-The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight, Secession-THE MAGICIAN, West World-PAIN KILLER.
    IF you were anywhere near a club in the 80s, esp. a certain Bay Area club I used to work in called One Step Beyond, it will sound like you are there back in the 80s. If you were too young or weren't around, here is the music that might fill the gap in the last 10 years.
    The fabulous CD is called:
    Steve Masters presents: A Trip Back to the 80s on Sony Music Special Products. Released in 1994.

    For South Bay Area Residents, they are able to be purchased in person at Musicland in Vallco Shopping Mall for $8.99.

  • Curious About Hard to Find 80s Bands?

    I just found the Website for several 80s bands that books their shows and also gives out info on the bands. It's called "The BossBooking Agency" and they have Fishbone, Flock of Seagulls, Gene Loves Jezebel, General Public, Big Country, Wang Chung, and Animotion as clients. This is the agent also in charge of booking the big 80s Tours we've been seeing. Here's your direct path to be in the know for future gigs.

    Follow the link to: THe BOSSBOOKING AGENCY

    THE 80s Live Concert Dates Page

    THERE were SO MANY BANDS that are played this fall and next year, I am now putting it all on a single page for your easy webs searching convience. I'm still adding and organizing daily, so if you don't see a band you know is on tour, I may be adding it shortly. If you still don't see it like a day or two, let me know. I search the web as much as possible, but sometimes I might miss one mighty 80s Band effort to tour and entertain us. Link for email is at bottom of this page. ENJOY!

    Current Band dates on the page include: Berlin and Pat Benetar.

    THE LINK to the 80s live Concert Dates!

    Here and Now Tour-UK

    IE-Sometimes it really sucks to be a New Waver and living in the U.S.

    For all of those lucky to live or be going to England this summer, there will exsist the coolest line-up of 80s Bands that I've seen since the Rewind Tour. The new tour is called "Here and Now 2002" and the line-up consists of:
    • ABC
    • Adam Ant
    • Belinda Carlisle
    • Howard Jones
    • Toyah
    • China Crisis
    • Hadley/Norman/Keeble(Ex-Spandau Ballet members)

    Working on dates and places when they are available. And for those of us in North America, we can cross our fingers. The Rewind Tour eventually came here too. ;-)

    Get out the music pins, jackets, t-shirts, jelly bracelets, and hairspray to get that feathering just right, the 80s are back!! Because that's is just a smattering of what is in store for we 80ites in 2002. Lets see what else materializes in the Spring.-The Tiffmeister

    To find out more about your fav 80s band, link to my 80s Band list. Links to the official sites or rave fan sites of the top New Wave 80s bands!Look for your 80s Fav Band.Because, dude, that's what I did to find out this info. The band sites create another window on the right, making it easy to cruise for info from band to band.

    80s Music News Archive-just opened for business!

    Yup! So much is happening in the 80s New Wave Scene Comeback, that I actually can't keep it all on the main page. For earlier this year, and last year's big news, please check out the newly formed 80s Music News Archive

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