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Welcome! If your like me, and frustrated that it's hard to just walk into a record/CD store and get Mylene music, no need to pull your hair any longer.

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I've just got this up and running, so I've put up everything available, listed info as best as I can, and have a direct link for you to go right to the item if you'd like to buy. Some items have RealAudio Player options to listen to a quick part of several songs. Feel free to Bookmark and come back. As soon as more Mylene merchandise, music, and videos are available, I'll put it up.

All this possible from some hard preshopping on my part, and of course, my associate...AMAZON.COM!

Les Mots is available through my store!-via

Les Mots-Best of Collection

Here it is! Mylene's latest collection chop full of B-Sides. Not found on other best of collections: La Veuvre Noire, Les Mots, C'est Une Belle Journee, and L'histoire D'Une Fee C'est.... Out since January, it is finally available on Amazon for us Mylene-deprived outworlders.

Mylenium Tour SOUNDTRACK

This double CD gives you the LIVE TOUR experience of the Mylenium Tour. I've been waiting since I saw the concert over a year ago for the album to relive the memories. I knew because the music was that good. Most of her older songs are remixed or have different versions performed live. So, they are originals only on this CD. IF you have Bercy Live 96, you'll definately want to add this one to your collection.

Her Video Collection Number III-THE LINK!

Music vidéos volume 3

This is what you've been waiting for-Mylene's Third Video Collection! Songs are L'âme-stram-gram - Je te rends ton amour - Souviens-toi du jour - Optimistique-moi - Innamoramento- and the making of L'âme-stram-gram in Pekin. Yeah, I got one too. ****Warning, this is a FRENCH intense listing. It is through, or in France. If you are a member of, it recognizes you already as a member. It works the same as So even if you don't know French, the format is the same.;-)

Mylene Song included in Soundtrack for Rugrats in Paris!

RugRats in Paris Soundtrack

Yeah, it's another movie with diaper and poop jokes all center in Paris on some wacky adventure involving an amusment park called Eurorectorland. But Mylene wrote and performed a song for it called "L'Histoire D'Une Fee, C'est...". It is the only French song on the soundtrack. Yeah, it's only for one song, but can't get it anywhere else! And it's in the US first...WAHOO!

TO HEAR IT as a Wav file
(otherwords your browser should be able to play it. But it might take a few minutes to download. Size: 850K)

NOTE: All copyrights are acknowledged in that this is a fan preview just put up for the pure sharing of fans to hear the single on the album. usually puts up the first 5 songs to preview as well, but this song is number 10 on the album. So, Amazon doesn't have it up. So, SInce this is the only real song most of us are concerned about.....I've put it up on the site for you to preview. Still for about 15 bucks, it's just a little more than her singles in France anyway.



Mylene's brand new album released this May. Very Celtic and Lilith Faire-like, and not as rock oriented as her last album. But it's still very good, and a new dimension and exploration of Mylene. The Mylenium tour will, I'm sure, feature tons of songs from this album.(You're thinking, like dah Tiff. Yeah, I know.)

Live at Bercy--1997 Tour(BOX SET)

Anamorphasee Tour that actually kicked serious butt! She is absolutely awesome live, and puts on a great show with good audio.(COuld be why I flew to Paris for the weekend for her new tour in Sept. 99) Reviews available as well.


Mylene's last album that kicked serious butt in 1995. She hid out in LA, and broke back into the music scene with this rocking and techno dance like tribute to her and Laurent's musical genius.

Ainsi Soit Je

A blast from her past, still love the selections and music off of this one. Comments and customer reviews available.

Cendres De Lune

This is about when I came into the picture. One of her first albums, and it just shows how good she was and still is.


This is her first live album, with all the songs of Cendres and L'Autre combined. It's gone some real good mixes of your favorite songs--Like a rap version in English on Mama A Tort. This album I've had for awhile, and inspired me along with the Live at Bercy Video to see her live in France last Sept. I knew it had to be a good show from this album. She rocks LIVE!

Dance Remixes-1999

Best club mixes plus a few more. Download samples of songs to listen to such as: "My SOul is Slashed" and "We'll Never Die-Techno Version".


Listen to selections like "Agnes Dei", "L'autre", and "Je T'aime Melancolie". More comments and reviews to get the scope of this album if you missed it. But personally, I think it kicks butt too. Especially if you like

VIDEOS--no DVDs yet, only VHS format.

Les Videos-new edition
This version of videos has all the Mylene videos the highlight her career. From Plus Grandir, Tristana, to Disenchantee and Beyond My Control(the banned version.) Total MYLENE!

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