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What's Here!: This is the place for fans in the USA to keep updated, whether you're French abroad or an American like me living in a No-Mylene zone.

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Mylene has a new album coming out! Wahoo! Plus, a new single to be released on June 19!

Tour is happening in France for the lucky folks that live there. Been there and flown to Paris for the weekend in 1999. Tell you, it's rough flying from California to Paris for the weekend. But hmm...maybe..again? How much is gas again?

You're in the right place if:

  • You say that your favorite singer is French and people answer:"Oh, Celine Dion?"(And you think, No, can't kill them, they are my friend.)
  • Often you're getting videos and sometimes albums 1-2 years after the fact.
  • You find out about her new single or tour way too late to be excited.
  • You think you live in No-Mylene land.

Ok, I'm a crazy Californian that is tired of not knowing about my favorite French singer
since I live half way around the world. Than the internet arrived.
One does not have to starve for info anymore, if one knows how to type.

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