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Quote of the Moment

"Love. But whence comes this love? Why it is so secretive about its source, this love that makes rain and trees and has scattered the stars over us as the gods and goddesses once claimed to do?"

--From the vampire chronicle, PANDORA, by Anne Rice, 1998.

Tiff's Review of the new Vampire Chronicle Movie-"Queen of the Damned".

Feb. 22, 2002
This movie is the total gothic wet-dream. It was fabulous in a water-downed Anne Rice way. Stuart Townsend is the Lestat all the Anne Rice fans have been dreaming of, making Cruises version the "Fool Lestat", a clown version of Lestat's true nature. There are some changes, that are really to get it to fit the 2 hour format of a movie. Due note the movie is only 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Some things that are different are some characters not included in this movie of vampire soap opera battle. Louis, Daniel, Gabrielle, Mekare, Eric are all not seen in the movie, but Marius and Armand(very briefly) are. Marius is actually made to be the maker of Lestat. It actually works, since Nichalos is totally cut and in a way, substituted as a female gypsy violinist. But then, they made Lestat, as in the last, totally heterosexual. Old Rocky Horror lines came back to me while watching: "How heterosexual of you Lestat."

There is the added love interest of Jesse with Lestat. Maharet and the Talasmaca are in the movie as well. David, of course, runs around trying to stop and save everyone.

And then there are some moments when the movie hits RIGHT on the novel mark. The best scenes for this, in my opinion, is when Akasha toasts all vampires in the Vampiric Bar in London, and the AWESOME concert scene with Lestat and his band. Which of course, they portray Lestat as the perfect Gothic Rock star. Seeing that in itself makes the movie as well. But then, we love Lestat because he is such a rock star-vampiric bad boy. Puck and him could do lunch.

I think this version will actually become a cult classic more than the other movie. It may never be a block buster, but it did deliver more of what the fans expected while combining what Hollywood needs to do to get people to buy tickets. The producers looked at comments from fans through their website, and worked with feedback to help Anne Rice fans embrace this movie. I think they have done an excellent job. I hope Anne agrees too. I've been checking her site, and hopefully she'll comment soon on her site.

For more info, and the ability to see how the producers of the film worked with the fans...Click to the official QUEEN OF THE DAMNED website.

A Thought from a Trekkie

Trekkie's are a misunderstood group of people. Yeah, a lot of us are geeks, wear glasses, and may be a bit obsessed with a certain TV show (But who in Gen X isn't obsessed with TV).Well, there are many reasons for this.

Note: Pictures below are from the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas, NV-USA

My reaction when I was told that I wasn't worth the trade of an original Books of Acquisitions.;-(

  • 1st Reason: There have been very few intellectual stimulating shows out there for the last 20 years.
  • 2nd Reason: Being a geek is now in. Besides, we make a lot of money doing typical geek professions.
  • 3rd Reason: Sci-Fi is a great genre, often reflecting our own world in the world/characters/cultures created in Sci-Fi worlds. Besides, sci-fi helps give NASA some direction on what to invent.
  • 4th Reason: There is a secret society in which rewards and favors are given out to fellow Trekkie members. This society controls an underground movement in which most world leaders and organizations are under our control. And you wondered why Sci-Fi was so popular right now?
  • 5th Reason: Not all Trekkies are the stereotype. I started watching Star Trek when I was 3, in 1971, and have been watching since. I refer to episodes by plot, not number or name. Even I think that's a bit too much. However, I do wear glasses, but have contacts too.

At Quirk's Bar in the Star Trek Experience. Friend of mine with me who also tried to trade me for the Rule Book.(He's gay, what does he need a Wo-Man for...right?)Obviously, the ferengi did not make the trade.

To see more of why I'm not a typical Trekkie--

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I hope this clears away some Trekkie myths. Remember, we are people too.

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Author Links

These are the people who I'd like to thank for hours of reading enjoyment. If you feel the same way, or want to find out why these are mini-gods/goddesses of Sci-Fi/Fantasy, check out the linked wegsites. You won't be disappointed.

Anne Rice's Home PageOfficial Website for ARVLFC
-Anne's and Lestat's official fan club.
Dragon Weyr
-Enter the world of Pern dragons
written by Anne McCaffrey
David Eddings

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