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Site Happenings: Archived from the Final Show-Resurrected for the new season!


I want to scream it from the hills! I've resurrected this site. Originally from 1998-2002, I was a devoted fan that would add information and commentary about the episodes of the X-Files during it's time on air. Now, after almost 15 years from its final episode, the X-Files is back. OMG! I can't stop hyperventalating!

Show premieres with Fox Network broadcasting Football Playoffs post-game show over first 23 minutes of time slot.

So, the Fox Network had a post-game show go into the time slot of the X-Files by like 23 minutes which sent a wave of hastags on Twitter complaining about it. #Foxsucks #IHateFootball reigned supreme with Fox critique as anxious fans waited a torturous 23 mintues for their beloved Mulder and Scully to appear. Yes. Me included. Which of course, for those of us recording the episode, it messed up the time frame and it only recorded half of the episode. So, the snaffoo I'm sure messed with all the people that were waiting to watch it later. Of course, I looked at it, I've waited close to 15 years for this moment. What is a few minutes. But because I wanted to set it, and watch after it was recording to zap the commercials, I ended not getting the end of the episode. But of course, I watched what I could, waited for it to go "On Demand" the next day, and finished the episode. I already knew that I was going to watch the episodes several times anyway. It's the way to make the most of the new six episodes we have to savor. And boy, were they juicy.

Brilliant Mr. Carter. Brillant.

That was the phase that kept popping into my head the whole time while watching the first two episodes of this new season. The wait was worth it. Time has progressed with Mulder and Scully. The fact that they have grown old with me makes me feel even closer. Their reality continued into the 21st century. Mulder watches things on made up Youtube-like sites, Scully is still obsessed with proof and God, and we get closer to finding out about the mysterious baby between them. Not to mention the new mythology ties into all the things going in the world PERFECTLY! Really, it fits so well it's almost could-be-true scary. I am SO looking forward to the next few weeks and spending it with Mulder and Scully, it's made my frickin' decade. I've returned to network TV. Really, besides CyberCSI and Goodwife, I haven't watched regular network shows in a while. I am so looking forward to the new X-Files episodes, it's like the reason why I live and breath (besides writing, which I'm now doing full time.) Thank you Mr. Carter and everyone that work on the X-Files. It feels like I've come home.

Archived news on the Cancellation of the X-Files and Final Episodes in the News Section.
The news on the ending of the series archived as a time capsule. What was it like for fans when it was on the air? Experience it here.

Each week, look for updated info on the episodes and commentary as we progress. New pictures are being posted to the gallery. Join in the excitement of the new season!

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