Tiffmeister's -Archived Files Gallery of Pics!

Welcome to my X-Files gallery featuring pics from the 1997 movie, and....Pics of the cast, David Duchovny, and Gillian Anderson.

A lot of these pictures are from magazines during X-Files prime. The movie pictures are from the X-Files movie in 1997.

Click on the thumbnail below to get the full jpg or gif file. Sources of the pictures are listed below each photo to give credit to those deserving photographers that earn a living at this.
Note: this is a service for the general public folks. To share and swap on the internet, without any intention of making any sort of profit. Credit for photos were noted when available.

Cool XF Movie Pics!

Above pictures from the new X-Files movie and selected shots of Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny courtesy of "Entertainment Weekly", Jan. 23, 1998 issue.

Above pictures made available by Fox through AOL Keyword: XFiles the movie.

Above pictures of David Duchovny courtesy of "Us" Magazine, March 1998 and "Vanity Fair", June 98" issue.

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