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SInce most X-File Fan sites have tons of stuff, links, etc..I've tried to look for those more than average sites. You know, the ones with an edge that are unique and interesting to the unique breed of fan we are. ;-) Enjoy!

The Official X-Files Page

-The Official Page, the ultimate starting point! Courtesy of that 20th Century Fox. Download the new movie trailer for your viewing pleasure. Need Quicktime for Win or a MAC.
**Above picture courtesy of 20th Century, taken from X-Files Movie Trailer. No copywright infringe intented. Straight promotion to check out the trailer.

The Official FBI Website
Yup, the real thing. You can now download previously classified files on famous people, such as Marilyn Monroe, and see what the FBI were watching them for. Beware of large amounts of black marks. They still don't let us see everything.
And don't bother searching for "The X-Files" and Mulder or Scully for an agent listing check. They aren't there. They are not there. They're fiction, remember?
If these comments seem to cause a problem with your sense of reality...try my Top Ten Reasons you May Be Watching TOO Much X-Files Page!

Scully Song Parody ArchiveThink you might hum a tune, and then as you think of the X-Files a song idea comes to mind. Well, someone beat you to the idea, at least in the point of view of Scully. From "Why Doesn't Scully Have A Desk?" to "I DO It All for YOU Mulder", these will cheer you right up and make you go write your own inspiration. Wav files of the tunes they are based on are included.

Pierre's BookMarks

Don't let the French throw you. Pierre has serious X-Files links on his page including links to subjects included in episodes.

The X-Files Wasting Time Site
For the XPhiler with lot's of time on their hands. Put a tie on Mulder, or caption those silly pics you've seen around the WEB. Try the X-Files Madlibs, for those really boring times in life that you have nothing better to do.

E!chat on Oct. 16th
Live chat transcripts from David's live chat on E! on-line. Answers to subjects like having Mulder ever finding his sister to whether he still practices yoga.

The X-Files Adventure
An interactive on-line adventure in which you get to be Agent Mulder solving a case.

Create your Own Conspiracy!
You heard right. Now it's your turn to come up with a golden conspiracy of your own. Who knows? Maybe you'll see it on another X-Files website soon.

The Believe the Lie Page!
This page is dedicated to the theories, ideas, comments that derive from the cliffhanger season finale of 1997. This is the episode all of us diehards thought Mulder was dead. Needless to say, all summer long we were trying to figure what had happened.
Get caught up about what happened, or relive the glory of that paranoia.

The David Duchovny Red Speedo Poetry PageThere was an episode in the first season in which David Duchonvny decided Mulder would wear some Red Speedos in a pool scene instead of the trunks that costume had for him. Thus, the Red Speedo worship began. Poems on DD's appearance in his speedos, plus one even by him. Named #2 in E!On-Line David Duchonvy sites.

Meeting with David and Gillian!

Heah, if you've ever wondered what it would be like, here is a page on the meeting of David and Gil on the set at the Queen Mary when the excellent 30s ep was filmed. It's from the fans perspective, detailed teen ager account. But one of those things you would have liked to have done. Highly Tiffster Reccommended.

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