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This links page is to answer some of the questions I get email up front. Lot's of people ask me for "How do you buy CDs?" or find "this" song on MP3? Hopefully this will answer your question s before you need to ask. If not, feel free to email or sign my guestbook. I'll try to help all I can.

Trying to find as many useful links as possible. Know one that fits the needs above, email me or sign my guestbook.

Links to Answer All your MF Questions...

  1. French Lyrics Translations Page
    This little gem of a page has a whole slew of Mylene songs translated into English. So if you are falling back on the high school French, this may help.

  2. Mylene Farmer Translations
    Can't find that translation? THis is the mother-lode of them all, including translations in English from her new album...Innamoramento .

  3. Instant-Magazine
    Mylene's official on-line magazine! Get all the latest news, interviews, pics, etc. Plus you can now order their hard cover issues.

  4. My MF Zone mIRC Page.
    Cool chatting about Mylene on the internet. Chatting time: 11pm Euro time.

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