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The World of Mylene on the Net=#MYLENE

There is a whole world out there of Mylene Fans...and I'll help you find them. One great way is to go to the Mylene Channel which is on IRC. You can go there right now and chat by linking to the LibNet sight. It's all in English, with a window to get you up and chatting. If you have IRC, you need to get on the right server with the Mylene channel. Go to the LibNet sight and it will help you out.

The Superchat Org.

This will help you get to #mylene. 1) Link and select "other?" in chat channel bar. 2) Type #mylene, and you're like there. 3)Type /nick "Your name of choice".
Tell them Tiffmeister sent ya!
PS: Mostly people are in the channel 11pm GST...or as I like to say Euro time. (WHich means in CA it's 2pm. PST. Americans add on an hour or two for your time zone. Basically, a lot of US and Canadians chat from work. HAVE FUN!

mIRC #Mylene at Mylenium Tour Bercy99

There was a huge meeting of all the mIRC members at Bercy opening weekend. Lot's of the members have pics and pages going up about the whole affair.Check out mine, and than some of the other members accounts with the links below.

Now available Mylenium Concert TOur Pics!!(pics courtesy of Mulder!) Link Here

Tiff's mIRC#Mylene Paris Meeting99 Page!

Giant's Bercy September99 Meeting Page

Zaffy's mIRC Meetings Page
Paris99 is the meeting with the Eiffel Tower ;-)

The Members of the #Mylene mIRC Links

This is how I got started....talking and looking over all these great pages to get ideas.

Advent's Mylene Farmer Site!=PETIT PRINCE on IRC
Zaffy's Useless Page Giant's Mylene Farmer PageList of #Mylene Going to Mylenium

Email Mylene!!!

Here's the only way I found so far, to email the red-haired goddess of music herself. It's through a French music show called "La Fureur" which is on French tele TF1. Apparently they have a set-up to forward all email to the artists that have appeared on their show. So, shall we make them work for their money.

Link to "La Fureur".

If you get an answer, be sure to share with me. Heah, might even post it. Always nice to hear when Mylene talks to us little people!

Input and Comments

Totally love Mylene? Felt like the only American? Or knew there had to be more like you somewhere? Welcome to a new experience you are going to need to bookmark. Sign my guest book or send me an email. Always love to chat about Mylene!

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Tiff's Personal Bio/ICQ Page
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