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Since I also do mixes for 80s music, I thought I'd start doing some for Mylene. Here is the first of MF mixes for your listening pleasure. Have it be your opening sound for Windows..or anything else you wish. Each mix I'll feature more Mylene songs...past and present.
If this is the first time you've heard of Mylene, this is a great way to see what you've been missing.

Average download time is approx. 2-3 minutes depending on your modem speed. I've given file size for each mix so you can determine download time for your system. If it's taking awhile, hang in there, it's worth it.

Sample Mix of Mylene's Singles!

Below are two mixes of Mylene's recent singles over the past year that I've been able to get my little mitts on. Their about 2-3 minutes to download. Best way to hear what she's been up to. The first mix of her most recent singles were sent to me from France. They are hard to find in the States. Occational at very big record stores I've seen an old single. Mostly though, I rely on friends in France to send me music for my MF fix.

Dance Mix #2

This mix features samples from the single "Souviens-Toi de Jour" Remember Mix that came out Fall of 99. Then "Optimistique-Moi" that came out Feb. 2000, the Opti-Mystic remix. Ends with a "California" remix called Ramon Zenker's Extended Remix.

Expect the 2-3 minute normal download unless you have a faster modem.

Click here for the 8 bit stereo wav file.
File size: 650K

Click here for RealPlayerG2 version
Approx: 1-2 minutes download

Dance Mix #1

This mix features the L'Ame-Stram-Gram Perky Park dance mix (From the first single out from New Album in May 99!) and Je Te Rends Ton Amour Dance Mix-Redemption-Perky Park Club Mix.
Download time is about 2-3 minutes. File sizes listed per format. Picked them up at the Virgin Megastore in Paris myself when I went there for the Mylenium Tour in Sept. 99. ENJOY!

Click here for the 8 bit stereo wav file.
File size: 850K (I know, a little large, but good quality.)

Click here for RealPlayerG2 version
Approx: 1-2 minutes download

To download the first Tiff's Mylene Farmer Mix

Click here for the 8 bit wav file. Size: 506K

Click here for the RealPlayer G2 File.
Aprox. 1-2 minute Download

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Songs featured in this mix:

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All singles and albums of Mylene are recognized as being protected under copywright. Mixes are made up for public sampling only, and not for commerical use.It is purely for fans to share fellow love for Mylene.

Consider it all just so us backwoods fans can feel like we are in on the latest stuff. PLus, for all the new fans out there, it's their opportunity to listen to past music, new music, and everything in between.

Input and Comments

Totally love Mylene? Felt like the only American? Or knew there had to be more like you somewhere? Welcome to a new experience you are going to need to bookmark. Sign my guest book or send me an email. Always love to chat about Mylene!

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