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All the following entries are from the time the X-Files was orginally airing from 1997-2002. I kept this website up as a testimony to the show not realizing that some day it would return. Finally, 2016 has seen hell freeze over. The X-Files returns with new episodes on Jan. 24, 2016! If you want to find out some of my thoughts and reactions to the series as it aired, please feel free to read through the archive.

I want to believe, it will go on for more seasons. I can live with one, but I can believe there will be more after this short 6 episode run. Miracles do happen. I want to believe.

Last Update: May 19, 2002

Well, after 9 years, the party's over. But I must say, the last episode answered many questions. Here is my list of satisfactory answers that if you've missed the last ep or are still waiting to see it in your part of the planet....here is what you get to look forward to.

Thus ends another series as mighty as others in the past such as MASH, CHEERS, The WALTONS....Little House on the Praire. But the conspiracy lives on, because now of course, it is headed by aliens. I smell a movie sequel! But at least a break for the cast first. Then...will we see...THE X-FILES MOVIE II? I would imagine only Chris Carter knows. ;-)


Yes, dead! I mean, there are only 4 more episodes to go, might as well start killing some characters off. They went in a heroic fashion though. Chasing a bio-terrorist and getting trapped in with him while the room was quarantined. I guess my hopes of maybe the continuation of the series for them are over. *SIGH* Well, lets hope the axe doesn't fall too heavy on the other characters as the final episodes run through.

ONLY Four More Episodes to go as the Endgame episodes begin...

Starting on April 28th, the final 4 episodes of the X-Files will begin. Mulder is set to come back, and with probably a few surprises.


The party's over! After 9 years on Fox, the X-Files will have it's final episode of the series in May 2002. Sad, but I fear time. I have felt the series has not been the same without Mulder. But now the fun really starts. What do you think will be in the final epiosde?

Here is my 2 cents:

Let the fun of predicting the end-BEGIN!

Season Finale to Answer Our Questions-May 19th!

According to my local newspaper, the San Jose Mercury News (Feb. 21, 2002), Mulder will be returning for the finale 2 hour episode on May 19th. Mulder, who has supposedly been in hiding will reunite with Scully. The finale is reported to answer the many un-answered questions that have accumalated over the years. Of course, nothing is promised but that. What questions are actually answered is left to our fan-speculation.

NEW SEASON 9(Now known as the Last Season)-Began November 4th!

The beginning of season 9 has premired on November 4th with the season opener entitled "Nothing Important Happened Today." Probably the most fantastic thing happening this season is that Lucy Lawless, formly Xena-oh goddess of kicking buttith-will be a reoccuring character on the X-Files. She appeared in the first two episodes, and is in others this season.

Last Update: April 22, 2002!

The End of Season-A bit Dudely

I don't know if any else felt this way, but I was rather disappointed with the season finale. There was a lot of Dockett and this unknown chick running around. Not much of Scully and Mulder doing anything except for Scully, she did give birth...to a nice, healthy boy. She named him William. Not much else to report except it was mostly trying to keep Scully safe from being kidnapped or her baby taken. As it turns out, they really didn't seem to want the kid when it looked too normal. Typical X-Files level...too normal, why bother.

Cute thing about it is at the end of the finale, Scully and Mulder exchange the knowing lines that they know who the real father is. Won't even go there.

So where does this leave us? LOOks like a lot of Dockett next year, rumors Mulder might be in a ep or two next season, and Scully still signed. But whether she takes a leading role over Dockett is anyone's guess.

New Ghost Pic Evidence of the Paranormal

I have been overtaken by an obsession to watch a ghost cam that is positioned in a basement of a library in Indiana. It's called the Willard Library Ghost Cam, and I've gotten 9 pics so far of the ghost in bright lighted orb form. Check out my evidence on my Ghost Evidence Page. I want to believe. ;-)

5 Episodes Left Until THE END

...well, at least of the 8th season

So far, the X-Files have launched into the lead-up to the Season Finale with a vengance. From Mulder being almost dead(I flash back to The Princess Bride....)to him stalking around quite himself intimidating Dockett. (I mean really, if you were dead, and came back to see Dockett trying to take over, you'd be in a fit too. Of course, his heart belongs to Scully.) I was a little doubtful of him earning his full 2 million so far. At least he got a line or two in on April 1st episode. (No humor lost on the fact it was April's Fools day the episode aired. And that Mulder was dead and buried, and then suddenly, hmmm.....secret desease, bacteria, whatever made him not completely dead, sorta dead, um....we can bring him back....dead.) I think Chris Carter ALMOST had me. (Yeah, right!)--I've seen Mulder dead before. Please see ARCHIVE FOR THE SUMMER WE ALL THOUGHT MULDER MIGHT BE DEAD!

So upon April 8th's episode, I was a little hopeful Mulder would at least have lines. Ok, either I'm watching X-Files way too much(Hmmmmm...full website, message board, News Updates....think I'm past that somehow now...) but I was happy to see Mulder and Scully walking side by side again. I wanted him to take out Dockett(with Skinner holding Dockett down) when they were all in Skinner's office for that 'lovely' confrontation. (Oh, also caught the fact I really missed David Duchovny's absolutely cute butt in tight slacks.)
Then, my world was right again when Mulder visited the Lonegunman and worked together with them. I think that during the break-in to the Census Headquarters I was feeling like ole' times on the X-Files, except poor prego Scully was out in the car and Dockett had to go in to save Mulder. SIGH--(Mulder in the Leather Jacket, that whole outfit just looked good.) I just knew when Dockett was trying to talk Mulder out of the computer room that the something missing for the last few months was back!

Now, I wouldn't be some adament about this if it weren't for the fact that I was dreaming of being in the X-Files world last night. Heah, sometimes if your lucky, the last thing you're thinking of, you dream of. Well, I only remember a dream sliver where I was in the thick of it all--helping Mulder in a via Scully capacity, even to a gentle caress of the cheek. I can still remember the hair length brushing the underneath of my chin.
For the record, my hair is longer than that. But I think some memories of being Scully for Halloween, via the red wig with shoulder length hair, might have helped out for realism in the dream. This obviously is a radical X-Files fan milli-second in semi-consciousness,(Thank God for the cough that woke me up so I could remember at least that much.)But my subconcious ramblings definately makes me realize that Mulder seems to be the missing key this season.

Mulder--Bo Derek 10

So, I must say, this month proves to be interesting now that Mulder is back in full force. Hopefully, if I hit the pillow fast enough, maybe Mulder might need more than his porno flicks to get back into the swing of things.

Top Mulder Lines Thus Far in Season 8

FEB. Sweeps week episodes-FOR Those that Missed it!

"I Can't Believe this is Happening!"

...seemed to be the chant for the final Feb. Sweep ep on Feb. 25th. Talk about abductees reappearing like corn....or bees. And just when you got a good healer to help Mulder, the healer gets abducted too. So, basically the whole episode lead to the the cheek caress by Scully, after Mulder is dumped off by the nearest alien craft. Will the good aliens win? Or has David Duchovny finally decided that his millions are enough to end the career of Mulder, permanately.(Of course, if you are keeping score....how many times has Mulder died already? Don't count when he should have and luckily escaped. I mean, full hearted....we thought he was dead!)
Well, we won't know untill April 1st, the start of the next sweeps.

Mulder is the Father of Scully's Baby, or IS HE?

Well, with the tasty morsals they're throwing at us for this month of sweeps is starting to agree with me finally. Mulder finally says more than "SCULLY!" (Actual lines finally. But then, they are only in flash back sequences.) And of course, the question, is Scully's baby alien? was the topic of Feb. 18th's episode. Ending of course with more questions than answered.

Month of Feb. brings updates of the Mulder Hunt

What do we know so far about Mulder's disappearance/reappearance-Scully's Baby after the episodes on Feb. 4th, 18th & 25th:

What does this all mean? It's going to be a hell of a lot of episodes before we get any concrete idea of what happened, well, at least till the season finale. Their going to milk it for all it's worth, trying to get us to buy Dockett as a substitute.

SO--finally answered might be revealed next week-Feb. 25th!
Of course, Mulder is suppose to turn up, but I wonder what will screw it up this time.

Which leads me to why Dockett can't be Mulder's Substitute:

  1. He is definately not as fine as David Duchovny. (Who would you rather see covered with slim naked?-if you prefer Scully in answer to this question, it may not apply to you. ;-)
  2. Skinner would look better covered in slim than Dockett.
  3. Dockett trusts Skinner too much, and doesn't drool over Scully enough.
  4. He doesn't have a flashy poster of some sort with his motto.

    Scully FINALLY Has Her OWN DESK!

    After almost 7 years of not having a desk, Scully has taken over Mulder's. After chasing a Bat Man with Daggett in the Nov. 19th ep., Scully returns to the X-Files office 2 weeks after the close of the Bat Man case(with Daggett having a junk or two bitten out of him, and having to heal, of course, believing more with each episode). Scully removes Mulder's name plate, and tells Daggett that she had never had a desk in the X-Files office. She would see that he would get one. Thus, claiming her rightful place as the more scientific believer, and owner of a desk--finally!

    SEASON 8 Has Launched!-Summary of the 2 Part Season Premire

    Well, Mulder is guess what, officially (Most likely) on an alien ship having what appears to be a face lift the hard way. Actually, little prob like needles are holding is facial skin aloft, with all kinds of nasty disecting going on through Part 1 like a drill going through the roof of his mouth and a surgical-like saw going through mid-chest.

    Meanwhile, back at FBI headquarters, Scully, still pregnate and apparently (though it's been 5 months for us) it's only the next day for her since she told Skinner she was pregnate. It seems the FBI has a whole unit out to find Mulder with a new character, John Daggett, in charge to find out exactly what has happened...the truth.

    So begins the "Let's find Mulder" 2 part premire that basically can be summarized as having a bit of every season premire.

    What was learned from this new version of the X-FIles laid out before us?

    1. Scully doesn't know where Mulder's fish food is, but Daggett does. (Makes you wonder how often he's been to Mulder's appartment to feed his fish? After all, he does claim he knows Mulder better than Scully does.)
    2. Being part alien can really mess things up for you. (IE, Mulder with a facial and Gibson being a ward of the state now.)
    3. Skinner might be out for a while since he got his eyes burned away by the Bounty Hunter, though we are told at least he's not dead.
    4. Cancer Man may really be dead since he didn't make an appearance in either episode. (But then, there is still Feb. Ratings Sweeps.)
    5. Scully now is a believer, but will she convince Daggett?
    6. Mulder's been in 2 episodes, which will be the other 7? (Hmmm...2 for Feb. Sweeps, 2 for Season Finale, that leaves 3 for just any ole' episodes.)
    7. Will Mulder look better after his poking and prodding? (I mean, all that stretching has got to get rid of some wrinkles?)
    8. Will Scully actually carry her baby to term? (After hitting the wall when trying to kill the Bounty Hunter I thought it was miscarriage for sure.)

      Anyway, hope that catches some of you up. ANd of course for the international crowd that stop by my site, hope that tells you what will be coming your way soon. Looks like an interesting season, with Daggett as the non-believer and Scully trying to convince him of Mulder's truth. *TIFF steeples her fingers like Spock* Fascinating.....

      All the Dirt from Last Season....#7

      >Here is all the info you might have missed from last season.

      Gillian Signs for Year After 8th Season!

      So what does this mean? Basically, if David Duchovny decides to move on, X-Files becomes "THE SCULLY SHOW". OK, not literally the Scully show. But it would be X-Files with Scully for a 9th season, if there is one. Of course, the 8th season is pretty promising to focus on her mostly. Mulder, having been kidnapped by aliens(see 7th Season Finale Review), won't be around to help out. OR he'll pop in and out, due to alien tractor beam, whatever.

      Anyway, I'm just hoping she finally got the pay she deserves. Considering her character is so-like a co-star now...

      Season 7th Finale--All the dirt!

      Ok, in a nut shell, here's what happened during the Season finale. Keeping in mind, David Duchovny signed on for next season for a limited amount of episodes, here's what happened. The normal drama of season finale connecting with the season premire happened, with Cancer Man now near death. My guess is the transfer of whatever alien was in Mulder didn't like Cancer Man (as well it shouldn't). Chryech(Ok, I know I spelled his name wrong, but you get the idea) is released from prison by the mysterious blonde chick who used to work for the diplomate. Meanwhile, things connect back with the first episode of the X-Files with the original guy in Oregon who kept getting kidnapped by aliens popping up again for the same problem. Of course, Mulder has to check it out.

      Scully is of course, following along with another of Mulder's goose chases. But she keeps having mysterious fainting spells. Than there is the big bedroom scene with Mulder and Scully. Of course, they are not technically in bed, but both only laying on top of the covers. Mulder comments how poor Scully may have a different life if she hadn't kept up with his dreams to find the truth. He does a little caressing of Scully's check as he's saying this too folks.

      This all ends with Mulder going off to investigate another UFO crash that Cancer Man is trying to get Chryech to cover up. Skinner goes with him. Scully ends up in the hospital from another fainting spell.

      Mulder is basically beamed up to a UFO that flys off as Skinner is left going..."Which way did he go, which way did he go?". Chrycheck dumps Cancer Man down a flight of stairs. Skinner tells Scully Mulders gone in the hospital in which she insists she will find him because "I have to." Than she drops the fact she is pregnate.

      OF course all of this leaves us with delightful questions to ponder over the summer:

      • Who is the father of Scully's baby?
      • Is she really prego?
      • Will Mulder phone home?
      • Will Skinner ever take his shirt off in another episode?(Sorry, but he is totally built! It is pleasantly surprising.)
      • Is Cancer Man dead for like the third time? (I mean, he has more lives than a cat.)
      • Does Skinner really believe in UFOs now?
      • How many episodes will Mulder be in next season?
      • SHould the X-Files be renamed the SCULLY SHOW!!!?

      Info on the 8Th SEASON!

      According to the official X-Files Site:

      X-Files will continue with an 8th Season. Scully will chase after the baddies, but whether Mulder will be with her or not will be determined if David Duchovny signs for next seasons.

      The official site lists that he is still in negotiations, but rumors are flying that he has signed for 6 to 10 more episodes. OF course, the Tiffmeister is checking all angles. As soon as more is revealed, I'll post it.

      Scully Has Revealed What She Keeps in Her Bra!

      Ok, there has been a lot of talk of what questions might be answered this l

      Beginning of Season 7 News!!--If you missed it!


      No bee interfering, no forehead smooching. This was a getting down to it, finally, it's about time...KISS! On the lips man! I'm sure my neighbors are thinking something was killed tonight around 9:55pm.

      So what happened? At the very end of the Millennium episode, after the living dead have been battled, the cross-over with the Millennium series complete, Scully and Mulder are watching the crystal ball fall in Times Square, NYC to welcome in the year 2000. And after the L'instant X, of the new Millennium arriving, Mulder bends down and lands one on Scully's lips. Here is the dialogue that follows.

      "The world didn't end."--Mulder

      "No, it didn't."--Scully

      "Happy New Year Scully."--Mulder

      "Happy New Year Mulder."--Scully

      I think all is in order now for the new Millennium. My life seems right for the moment.

      February Sweeps Episodes 2000

      Well as Mulder said last episode(2/13) "I'm Free!". He has finally found out what has happened to his sister Samantha. For those of you not in the states, you'll have to wait a season or two to find out. But I can tell you right now. SKip the next two paragraph if you don't want to know.

      Ok...Basically it takes two episodes to find out that Samantha was abducted for some kind of research. Apparently lived with Cancer Man's son and maybe raised as his own daughter on a Military Base in California. Mulder finds her diary, and she was there till 14 years old. Than she runs away, and gets to a hospital. By the way, her memories have been erased mostly as she says in her diary. She kinda remembers her brother with brown hair who used to tease her. SHe writes that hopefully he'd read her diary.

      So, the end of the road comes when Scully, another fellow helping Mulder, and Fox arrive at the nurse's house that cared for his sister. In a nut shell, Mulder's sister was turned to starlight by "elder" more evolved beings since she had some how gone the path not for her, or to avoid her tragic death. She is basically dead, but happy on the other side. Mulder wonders off and finds lots of children playing, and his sister runs to him and gives him a hug. SO was it worth 7 years of waiting folks?

      Season Premire....NOVEMBER 7th--1999!!

      Did Mulder make it out of the padded cell?

      Yes he did, and right into a hospital bed. Apparently, the doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with him. So, Skinner had to take matters into hand. Literally, by having Mulder write on his hand who he should go get to help Fox. So off Skinner goes to the fellow who was fired for pyschic work,Kronchiy-or something Russian, to help Mulder by giving him the drug to bring him out of his "coma". Turns out that Mulder is just really psychic, with being able to read minds etc, it's too much for his gorgeous body to handle. But they both get caught injecting Mulder a second time, and the other women(namely that brunette that is like Mulder's ex-girlfriend) catches them. She ends the show professing that she loves him, and that they can finally be together. Where the hell is Scully while this other b*tch is trying to steal Mulder?

      Cut to Africa, where Scully is bombarded by insects, visions of a strange voodoo-like warrior, and the missing doctor from the season finale. She's piecing together the alien space craft that has washed up on the beach. Turns out the thing has let's see: excerpts from the Koran, Bible, and all kinds of Genesis like sayings from all cultures and religions. Appparently...it is the missing link! But of course, the missing doctor goes crazy believing the space craft (having power onto itself to heal, etc., excelerate Mulder's brains) can bring back things to life. He is guarding the exit for Scully and another fellow doctor to get the hell out of Dodge. However, they break a chair on him, and exit stage left. Of course, the missing doc ends up killing a worker, that comes back to life to kill him. Guess he was right after all.

      So it ends with, ex-girlfriend wanting Mulder, Scully returning to say she found the missing pieces she thinks to make Mulder better. And Mulder himself turns out to be an X-files.

      What will happen NEXT WEEK as the premire winds up the questions?

      The bits shown at the end of the episode to tantalize us basically show us...the black oil virus comes back to haunt Mulder, Cancer Man(or Cigarette Smoking Man if you happen to be gag ordered, sued, whatever by the tobacco companies--)offers Mulder the cure and symbolically his hand, Deap Throat is really alive and comes to visit Mulder, the ex-girlfriend comes toward Mulder(D.D. half naked....WAHOOO!)and strokes his chest, and end all ended with these words...

      Cancer Man to Mulder: "I'm your father."
      (Think George Lucas has been working with Chris Carter lately?)

      Cut to now 11/14th Episode...

      Which I can summarize in just a few words without giving it totally away for those of you who haven't seen it--and are waiting for the tape or friend to show it to you. Basically, still don't know whether Cancer Man is really Mulder's father since he used that line to get Mulder out of the hospital and to trust him. But Cancer Man did use sort of a cool Mind Melt/Mental Thrust on Mulder(to help him sit up.). Than of course, he has a surgeon steal a part of Mulder's brain that can be the salvation to human kind--the immunity to the upcoming virus!(Ok, I do remember the corn and bees from the movie...ringing bells here.)

      Meanwhile, Scully is seeing the ghost/spirit/whatever of the Navajo as she looks for Mulder. And Diana(ex-girlfriend)is seen sneaking off as Mulder is having his brains hacked in. Needless to say..she's found dead the next morning(No great loss I think.) All ends with Scully kissing Mulder's bandaged forehead.

      Rumor has come to my ears that in Newsweek--Not sure of issue--has reported that Mulder and Scully will kiss this season...thus ending it. YOU know hell will break loose when that happens...look out Y2K bug, we know it is the end when Mulder and Scully kiss.(Now, if only they will have sex afterwards? Think they both owe each other some since they keep saving each other's butts left and right?)

      Well, that's it folks. Looks like the rumors of this as the last season may be true since the show is heading towards answers we all crave, and knew to be true anyway. We just need some hardy verification of the TRUTH!

      Season 6 Reviews of Sweeps and the Movie!!

      To help those Internationally or anywhere else to catch up.

      The lead up to the end..FEB SWEEP EP 1999: Final Disclosure!

      Ok, it's happened. A good portion of the answers has been given to us all in the space of two episodes. For the forgeign guests hitting my site,for the last two weeks, the big thing has been sweeps week in the States...the time the networks try to get people to watch to use the numbers to sell TV time.

      Thus, we get some cool eps around this time. SO, what has happened? The end result is that Scully and Mulder are now back on the X-Files. If you've been following, it's been a struggle since they got kicked off the beginning of this season. Of course, there was the shot heard fired at son-o-cancer man. Do we really think he's dead? And of course, the barbequeing of the Syndicate. Darn good thing, since Cancer man's wife was the missing link, the only successful human/alien hybrid.

      Ok, being a dutiful X-Philer, raised on shows like Star Trek, I have a few questions.

      • What about that geeky little boy who loved to read minds and play chess? I thought HE was the missing link to the X-Files.
      • Why the hell did Mulder kiss that two-timing burnette hoe?
      • Which side are the rebel aliens really on? Do they just want the earth for themselves, or are they just feeling sorry for us?
      • Now that Cancer Man may be alone in the world, what are his career goals now?
      • My favorite I'm still asking after almost 3 years, Does anyone remember the fact that Mulder got exposed to the Black Oil and is still alive and well?

      So like all good sweeps week eps, there are more questions than answers. As it should be, or why would we want to continue watching...or most importantly, go see more movies?

      X-Files Movie Opened, and boy was it what we've been waiting for!!!!! Summer 1998!

      My 2 Cents on the Movie

      Here's the humble opinion of someone who has been following the show religiously for over 3 years. GO SEE IT! IN some cases, rent it!

      If you no idea what the X-Files is...

      It's a great suspense adventure, with cool hyped effects, a love story, and some intrigue to tantalize your brain. If you don't like this in a movie, than maybe don't bother. See it on video. If you like Sci-Fi, that's a plus as well. But I do recommend a sighting of it at least once.

      For the diehard fan...

      Oh my god, it's incredible. You must go see it. Of course if you are a diehard fan, you probably already have. But there are things such as real life that do interfere with running off to the theater when a movie may come out;like crowds, parking, etc. So, I'll give you the highlights without giving the movie away.
      Several catch phrases can be found, such as those one liners that make the show famous...Mulder mentioning "One is the loneliest number" and jokingly saying he's serious when he looks deadpan. All the previews you may have been following, such as the Fox Special on Mon. June 15th, and many magazine reviews and tips really don't give the movie away. But ignore some of the reviews. A lot I've seen have nacked at the movie not completely understand Sci-Fi, the shows format, etc. The ending is a cliffhanger typical of a season finale. Lot's of questions are left unanswered, as well they should so we can get more answers next season. Some of the wispy critisms are finding fault in what is only boiling down to their opinion. IT is great if you happen to like Sci-Fi adventures. If you don't like to think when watching a movie, than there may be a problem.
      I'm still working on decripting the information revealed in the movie so far. Awesome theories can be derived, and definately filling in my free thinking time. SO, you walk away with more information, and definately something to think about.
      Than there is this love story/facto kiss situation. The only thing I will say is...Mulder and Scully do not need to kiss. Think about past situations and tensions, and you can probably figure out what may happen. But the surprise of how it's done will really give you your money's worth.

      That is my 2 cents on THE MOVIE. But heah, email me by scrolling below, or post your opinion on the Tiff's Forum/X-Files Messsage Board.

      Post your 2 cents at my X-Files/Home Page Board

      Theories that Can be Derived from the Movie!

      1. Mulder has been a secret operative of the Cooperation to help fight the alien's virus and plan, and doesn't know it even now.
      2. Not all of the Cooperation know he is being used this way. Cancer Man and Well-Mancured Man may have.
      3. Mulder and Scully will never need to kiss.
      4. Scully definately owes Mulder more than a hug after that dramatic heroic scene at the end. I mean, what guy gives mouth to mouth with aliens banging to get out of their cell-like pods, and doesn't deserve a little nooky.
      5. Skinner may be a little too late to win Scully's heart.

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