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Millenium Kick@ Women's Movement
High kick to the Kick@ way! This site rocks the web with it's KICK@ women's philosophy. Become a member, and high kick to other CF's on the net.

Big Men On Campus
BMOC are a local Silicon Valley/San Jose Area band that play 80s/90s cover music. Swing by and check out their play schedule.

Medival Personality Quiz
If you ever wondered what type of profession you would be in Mid-Ages Europe, here's the place to try. Fill in questions to give your profession that fits your personality. The Tiffmeister turned out to be a Dreamer-Minstrel.

All the info on the new hot show, Dawson's Creek. IF you've ever liked your close friend, this is the show to watch.

The Official Leonardo DiCaprio Homepage
Yes, the place to get everything you ever wanted to know on Leo. Plus pics, movieography, news, and fanclub info.

The David Duchovny: Eighth Wonder of the World Site
Everything you ever wondered, or wanted to know about the cool robo babe actor who plays Fox Mulder. Cool pics, info, and links. Maintained by CFC member, Spooky!!

Official movie site link...for those needing more than just going to see the movie!

Alley McBeal: My LIFE!
The ultimate Ally McBeal site, all in the theme as if Ally is relating on different subjects involving the show, including McBealisms, download the Dancing Baby with sound, and info on episodes and the show in general.

The Duchovniks
Ever wonder if there were more people out there that think that David Duchovny is better than sliced bread? Well, here's the site. Full of pics, stories of meeting him, and all sorts of information on the main man of the X-Files.

The David Duchovny Red Speedo Poetry PageOk, you have not seen a DD page untill you've seen this one. Poems on DD's appearance in his speedos, plus one even by him. Named #2 in E!On-Line David Duchonvy sites.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off Web Page
Did you know someone who thought they were Ferris? Did you think you were Ferris? This is the place for you to visit, the original shrine to the movie. Images, wavs, and whole bunch more.

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