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Jen's Leonardo DiCappy Gallery of Pics!

Welcome to my new feature--an assortment of the hottest pics for your viewing pleasure.

Click on the thumbnail below to get the full jpg or gif file. Sources of the pictures are listed below each photo to give credit to those deserving photographers that earn a living at this.
Note: this is a service for the general public folks. To share and swap on the internet, without any intention of making any sort of profit. Credit for photos were noted when available.

Above pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio from People Magazine, Jan. 26, 1998 issue.

Chat room size

Above Titanic PR Pictures courtesy of 20th Century Fox/Paramount Pictures.


What could be better than finding out more stuff on Leo than other links that do the same thing....

The Titanic Information Nook
Maintained by the Tiffmeister and myself!
Featuring pics of props and costumes used in the movie. Yes, especially of his truely, but sorry, no sweat stains spotted.

The Leonardo DiCaprio Net
This is an awesome place to start if looking for info on Leo.

The Leo Files
Nee I say more. Tons of Multimedia stuff on his truely.

Liz's Leonardo Page
Lot's of cool info, and reccommended as one of AOL's top five Leo pages.

Leonardo DiCaprio On-Line
If you want complete coverage on Leo, this is the site. I mean everything, including addresses to write to(including email) and merchandise.

Ok, I'm just starting on this section, but it's growing. Mostly, people are emailing me before I get a chance to search.
So if you know a good site, send me some email!

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