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Last updated: June 9, 2008!

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Mylene has a new single coming out called Degeneration

The new single will be released on June 19! It will premire on the radio in France on June 19th as well. However, her new album will not be released until the fall. But good news, there is a tour planned in 2009. Found a 30 sec. exerpt that is being played all over as a promo for the new single "Degeneration". Here's the excerpt. Enjoy! More to follow!

Check out info on her at her new official site for the album: Degeneration

Older but Still Need to Know News

New Dance Mix Album in 2003 Fall Release

Official word has been released that Mylene will have a new album for November release. It will be a Dance Mixes 2 album, with a featured remix of Sans Contrefacon. It is possible that the new Sans Contrefacon mix will be released as a single in September, in France of course. *sigh*

Of course, as far as original work is concerned, there is a buzz about a new original works album for next year-2004. Hopefully Mylene is feeling fully rested, and ready to take on some new songs. HOPEFULLY!

New Biography on Mylene Farmer-Released May 9, 2003

After having one out of print for so long, I know, I checked in Virgin Records/Paris, she finally has a new book out. Ok, it's all in French, but it would give you a chance to practice right? It is written by Caroline Bee and includes a recap through her career, rare documents, and entitled "Mylène Farmer, l'ange blessé". It is published by Librio Musique and is number 589. I'm currently trying to find a way to purchase it, at least on-line. I'll add links if it's possible.

Mylene Laying Low-Being the Producer

Generally, 2003 has seen Mylene keeping a low profile. The biggest news mostly this year is her book. But she does this every once in a while, takes about 2 years to recharge and work on other projects. She is the producer for a French artist named ALIZÉE. For more info, but it is in French, visit th only close to official site on the web, her fan magazine website-INSTANT-MAG!


Due to the fact I've been running this site now for over 3 years, I've archived a lot of the current news into summaries from 1999-2002. To get caught up with what Mylene has been doing the last few years, Link to the Archive HERE!

New Feature: Mylene Farmer Mixes!!

Since I also do mixes for 80s music, I thought I'd start doing some for Mylene. Here is the first of MF mixes for your listening pleasure. Have it be your opening sound for Windows..or anything else you wish. Each mix I'll feature more Mylene songs...past and present.
If this is the first time you've heard of Mylene, this is a great way to see what you've been missing.

Average download time is approx. 2-3 minutes depending on your modem speed. I've given file size for each mix so you can determine download time for your system. If it's taking awhile, hang in there, it's worth it.

To go get your first MF mix courtesy of Tiffmeister...Tiff's MF Mixes

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