Kate Winslet Gear from the Movie

Here are the costumes and props I could capture on film at the Titanic Movie Tour that Kate Winslet has left her mark on.

Includes: Heart of the Ocean, Roses' sitting room, and that fabulous boarding outfit complete with that HAT!!

Here it is, The Heart of the Ocean. It's much more impressive up close.
One thing you notice is that the blue seems to have been put on like with an ink pen. IT's FAKE FOLKS! A HUGE PASTE JEWEL!
But you may have already known that. The theory though I have is that they could have made it lighter at the top to catch the light better. But the extra blue could have worn off through all the water scenes it was worn through.
Remember, Kate wore it through all the shots that the ship was sinking.

The sitting room above is the set used. Notice how there is a stop in the wall, no ceiling.
Plus, the boarding outfit is quite plain. The hat is wicker...but it looks great on film. Even with my pictures.
You really get to see what materials work great on film, but are rather boring up close.

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