The Renault from Titanic

There is something definately about the rebuild Renault that warrants it a page of it's own.

Could be for several reasons:
  1. It's a cool rebuilt car.
  2. You wish you were in the scene shot in it with either Leonardo DiCaprio or Kate Winslet.
  3. That scene is what the movie was particially working up to, not the sinking alone.
  4. Or it's something that has to do with the fact you wish you could just do what their characters did in the back of the Renault. Fill in the blank with whom ever.

Here is the car in all it's glory how it is displayed at the Tour Exhibition.
The fellow on the right is real. He's the one that tells you about the car, and keeps people from jumping over the rope to take it for a spin.

Here's a close up of that back seat folks. Sorry, there is no hand print. We did ask about it, but it seemed to throw that man on the right off a bit.

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