Leonardo DiCaprio's Costumes and Props from Titanic

Here are the costumes and props I could capture on film at the Titanic Movie Tour.

Believe me, I tried. All the costumes are in cases, and flashes reflect badly. I tried to angle as much as possible, but alas...some didn't turn out perfect. But it does give you an idea. Sorry, no sweat stains...etc. I'm sure the costumes were washed before put on display so you can't see hairs still clinging, etc. But, they are the real thing.

Like I said, no sweat stains or hair clinging to them still. But he did wear them in the movie, we all saw.
And I did my best to prevent glares. All the costumes are in cases, so upward angles were called for to prevent being blinded from the flash.

The above props really facinated me since they are so much of the character Jack.
The sketch book was made to look used and worn, with precise scuffs drawn on.
The tools was taken straight on, so there is major glare. Sorry, but I posted it so you could at least look at how much detail went into the props...complete with different drawing tools of the period.

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