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Beyond my wildest dreams, I never believed I would be able to resurect this website and again talk about a current X-Files season. The last time I wrote on this website indepth was at the closing of the whole series in May 2002. At that time, I wrote all of my website in HTML. So, the look of this site is how the internet was at the time of the X-Files airing. Host sites like Geocities were just starting to make it easier for regular people to share things. Ideas like MySpace, Facebook or Smart Phones wouldn't make their way into our lives until several years later. 9/11 pain was still being felt through the country. Feelings of terror had turned back to human attacks rather than alien attacks and conspiracies. The world changed and the X-files was cancelled by the Fox Network. A movie did follow-up some in 2008, giving fans such as me some hope to believe that Mulder continued on. But it created more questions than really answering questions.

Now, after almost 15 years since it finshed, the X-Files is returning to the Fox Network with a new 6 episode season. The excitement is so much that I almost can't see straight. I am more excited by this than by the new Star Wars movie. This is where my heart really lies.

I wanted to be Scully when I grew up. Well, I did grow up. And so has Mulder and Scully. In fact, from preview shows, it looks apparent that there will be episodes addressing the mythology of conspiracies and alien cover-ups as well as stand alone episodes. Mulder and Scully will go through some struggles before our eyes, and best of all, we'll get some questions answered, hopefully. Like for one, what the heck happened with their little boy? And why?

Regular characters return with them like Skinner and cigarette-smoking man. Even the Lonegunman have appeared in the preview show. It's hard to tell whether the Lonegunman were at a convention or whether they were wearing country western outfits to appear in the show. We'll just have to find out. I mean so many of them seem to have died in bomb explosions. But I guess it mean that they were only "mostly dead".

Anyway, I am so looking forward to the first show to air on Sunday Jan. 24, 2016.

Tiff's X-Files News Archive!

Since my site was up for over 5 years while the show aired, I was right there for the exciting episodes of the 6th season, and the movie. Check the info as it happened in the Archive for 98-2002. Write-ups/comments highlighting the X-Files Movie and seasons 7 and 8. Just for all of you international fans or younger fans that are unfortunately deprived of X-Files of up to a season. Learn what it was like to not know what was going to happen. Sort of like with the last Star Wars movie. These are exciting times, peole. I've kept all the good stuff, just for you.

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