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Welcome to my Forum.
Where you can have a say in things as much as me.
I've created a site that hopefully you'll find something that we both have in common.
New things are added/updated every week. So if you're back from before, check them out.

My new highlight currently is my jewelry designs branching out onto the web. I've been designing crystal jewelry for 10 years now, selling at local boutiques.
Now, I've sold to customers on the East Coast and England, and I'm willing to add more. Heah, got to keep that Board of Equalization Number by selling. Why not on the web?

Roam my web universe (OVER 5 websites) using the links below, or take the guided tour
by hitting "Take a Tour" option in the Geoguide above. Enjoy!

Awards that deem this site worthy!

And the buck doesn't stop there....

Check out my X-Files Page!!

My Silicon Valley Page!
Info on living in the valley. Excellent info if moving here, or if you're already here.

MISS The 80s!! Me too. So I created the 80s Music Connection.
All you need to begin your quest back to the 80s.

Tiff's Day of Decadence Backstage Story
Experience an 80s Backstage story that happened in the 90s. Hear about Berlin, Flock of Seagulls, and Ben Orr of the Cars.

Miss that clubbing atmosphere of the 80s?Try my 80s virtual club OSB--ONE STEP BEYOND!
Go chat, post personal ads, download 80s mixes, or just cruise around the club.

My Sci-Fi/Fantasy Page
will give you insight to being a Trekkie,
help you find links to fav authors.
The CyberFriend's Community
Join the community, or just check out our links.
We're a group of people who enjoy the Internet, and are trying to make it smaller by connecting cyberpeople together,
and pointing surfers like you to great sites. Yup, I'm the Founder, and proud of it!
Courtesy of the CFC!Get a Free E-mail Address

Stuck on how to build a web page?
Let the Tiffmeister show you how in
My Guide On How to Build Your Own Site!

The Tiffmeister's Forum Chat Room!
Chat about all the subjects that make life interesting.
--X-Files, 80s Music, living in the Silicon Valley, Building your own homepage, and Sci-Fi/Fantasy related topics.

The Titanic Information Nook!
Including info and pics on the Titanic Movie Tour that includes the props and costumes used in the movie.

The Mylene Farmer Zone-USA
My favorite French singer--that would kick Celine Dions' butt anyday!

My Jewelry On-Line
And you thought I only made up webpages! Cool hand-made crystal and semi-precious stone jewelry.

Just Created by my webdesign know how:Jen Wellman's Homepage
Check out what the Tiffmeister-Know-How can do to help you build your own webpage.

Special thanks to all my friends into computers who have been helping me on my quest to learn HTML,
and thus how this site has come to be.


Here's a way to find out more about the Webmaster, and see if I'm on-line.

Tiff's Personal Bio/ICQ Page
Heah, if I'm around, we can chat or you can message me about all the things we have in common. ;-)

:-) Immortalize yourself!
See what's on everyone else's mind.

Thank you to: Guestbook by Lpagefor sponsoring my guestbook.

Tiffmeister's Tribute to Those Lost in 1997!
A tribute to two great ladies lost in 1997.
Links to give your final respects to Diana and personal thoughts on the passing of my close friend, Pam.

Redesigned-- Jan. 12, 2000

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